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Demand generation

Stories tell but numbers sell. Do you wish to attract new projects outside of your personal network to be able to safely predict your cash flow?

Marketing technologies null

Marketing technologies

Personalized marketing automation is the bread and butter of today’s marketing. How about growing your potential sales by 30%?

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Performance marketing

Growth-hacking shopping campaigns by 107% while decreasing the cost per sale by 10% sounds about right? We know how to execute it.

"Teaming up with DCG boosted our UK sales by 27% in just 3 months." Explore the case study
Miroslav Mikus

Miroslav Mikus

Chief Sales Officer at ESET


Demand generation

Customer relationship management

Lead generation automation

Value proposition

Email & social outreach

Company presentation & website audit

Marketing technologies

Buyer acquisition & retention

Data collection setup

Customer profiling

Digital body language

Real-time communication

Performance marketing

Ad revenue & cost optimization

Paid search restructuring

Google Ads audit

PPC acquisition machines

24/7 automated keyword bidding

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