"We used powerful automation to growth-hack Sell House Fast sales by 43% in just 120 days."
Marko Minka

Marko Minka

PPC Strategist at DCG


Established in 2006, Sell House Fast is one of the leading cash house buyers in the UK market.


Deliver on ambitious sales growth expectations.


Using automation, we achieved more effective advertising that delivered a 43% sales increase in just under four months while simultaneously reducing acquisition costs.

We built a bespoke technology to import offline conversions from the client’s CRM to Google and Bing ads platforms. As a result, we could understand lead quality in near to real-time and segment keywords into distinctive bidding portfolios.

We developed an hourly 24/7 bidding script that was able to adjust bids instantly as soon as the market conditions – like competitors’ bidding – have changed.

This allowed us to maintain a high exposure on keywords the most likely to deliver actual sales while ensuring that Sell House Fast pays as little as possible for each click. We developed a robust A/B testing framework to optimise ad copy and landing pages at scale, leading to a 56% increase in lead conversion rate.

We launched remarketing and custom intent display prospecting campaigns to deliver incremental leads and revenue.


  • Paid Search optimisation
  • SEM Automation
  • Landing Pages
  • Remarketing
  • CRM integration


  • 43% increase in sales
  • 38% decrease in cost per lead
  • 56% increase in ROAS

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