"DCG transformed Vectary Talent management shifting the paradigm from recruitment to candidate sales. From candidate acquisition to hiring site, interview process to employee retention strategies. Together, we attracted 4 new team members in just 2 months"
Michal Koor

Michal Koor

CEO at Vectary


Vectary is genuinely something to behold. A unique 3D modeling platform via a web browser to anyone stoked about 3D printing.

The company ranks among the most technologically revolutionary startups in Central Europe. The solution tears down 3D modeling barriers making 3D printing widely accessible.


Vectary leaders aimed to improve employee retention and to attract new software engineering team members while eliminating the hiring administration workload.



Our cooperation was kicked off with an in-depth talent administration analysis embedding ourselves with the management and employees on their on-site meetings.

We wanted to know first-hand how they perceived the company’s inner workings to identify challenges. Then, we could accurately diagnose the workflow, the organizational structure, the team atmosphere, and gain a better understanding of what motivates people to work for the company.

Together, we designed a talent management roadmap with specific steps and priority of their implementation.

The hiring microsite was launched: VectaryLife

Reaching out to the technical schools, we organized a get-together with the representatives from the Comenius University Faculty of Mathematics, Physics, and Information Technology.


Our joint efforts led to results. Vectary introduced a new employee adaptation process, complete with measurable goals.

  • Checklist for onboarding tasks for new hires.
  • Pinning each task to a specific individual in charge.
  • Regular employee feedback meetings.
  • Streamlined talent acquisition via paradigm shift from recruit to candidate sales.

new developers onboard

in 2

months period

Are we a mutual fit?

With no more than 3 projects per team member, you’ll get the level of service you’d expect from an in-house team of advisors.

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