PS Corporation AG
"The cross-platform approach saves us 40% of the app's maintenance costs while the process automation reduces vehicle verification time by 50%."
Alexander Rigo

Alexander Rigo

CEO at PS Corporation AG


PS Corporation AG, headquartered in Switzerland, is the leader in the German fleet management market.

The company developers software for inventory audits & documentation management of vehicles. Its digital products include risk management, fraud avoidance, and remarketing in the automotive sector.


Mobile app for the new vehicle verification process to ensure proper use of granted loans to car dealers all over Germany.

The previous procedure was entirely manual. So the first task was to map the entire flow from and subsequently translate it into a new process backed by the existing IT infrastructure and software solutions.


  • Mobile applications for iOS and Android.
  • Using the  Xamarin framework for building mobile apps with.NET from a single shared codebase.
  • Improved fraud detection via process automation.

app maintenance costs


reduced time spent on vehicle verification by the car dealers

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